Saturday, April 15, 2017

Are you $%#@$ kidding me????

"[Drug Free America Foundation] and its lobbying arm, Save Our Society from Drugs, sent state lawmakers a list of suggestions that it says will prevent Florida's medical cannabis program from being abused. About half of the 43 suggestions made it into HB 1397 pushed by the Florida House's majority leader and Florida Facker Ray Rodrigues of Estero."
I'll ask again:
Are you $%#@$ kidding me????
It gets worse:
"Chief among the Drug Free America recommendations that made it into Rodrigues' bill is one requiring doctors to have a three-month relationship with their patients before recommending marijuana to them. Patients and advocates say this needlessly delays treatment."
You are needed in Tallahassee 4.18. here

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sglee said...

Unless they are total hypocrites, which I am happy to believe regardless, they'd better have added getting rid of any and all alcohol, too. Brain scans show our brains are in MUCH worse shape when we've had alcohol than we've had a little weed.

Alcohol is the much worse drug, you hypocrites. Have you EVER heard of anyone driving while stoned? Of course NOT, because s/he's too busy eating, relaxing, ..., and, well, being stoned.

With alcohol, morons get behind the wheels of cars.

But don't get any ideas, because we tried prohibition. It killed more people than drunks behind the wheels of cars, because there was then no REGULATION of home-made liquor.

WOW!!! Regulating SAVES LIVES. Someone tell the lying republicans who want to shred regulations, but claim to care about life at the same time. Hypocritical jackasses.