Sunday, April 30, 2017

Only Pat Kemp Concerned About Shit Dumping

Chris’s Plumbing has requested permits to dump SHIT from septic tanks and portable bathrooms onto an 80-acre tract of land south of State Road 64, just off of Grange Hall Loop Road. The property is adjacent to a creek that runs into the Little Manatee River. 
Kent Bailey, with the Sierra Club, is concerned the permit
 is even being considered by the county.
Bailey said in Hillsborough County, there are four waste water treatment plants that can process the sludge Chris’s Plumbing is seeking to dump on the land. The waste water treatment plants would cost the business more than the land dumping.
“There is no reason for this to go forward, other than as a profit making venture,”
Sandy Murman,  Victor Crist and Ken Hagan 
Folks, these people want to continue hurting us, 

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