Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Florida GOP Bullshit 2017

1. A bill ratcheting up the drug war.
2. A half-billion cut to Medicaid, including a $157 million slash to South Florida hospitals.
3. A ridiculous bill allowing parents of children in public schools to object to the science taught in their kids' science books.
4. A bill to exempt 2.7 million criminal records from public view.
5. Making the Stand Your Ground law even stronger. 
6. A medical marijuana bill that banned all forms of marijuana ingestion and then was amended to still ban smokable pot.
7. Allowing citizens to take guns into airports.
8. A blatantly unconstitutional bill increasing the penalties for crimes committed by undocumented people.
9. Forcing local residents to pay for electricity companies' random fracking projects across the country.
10. A bill forcing Medicaid recipients to work for their health care.
11. A 20-week abortion ban.
12. Asking the federal government to abolish the U.S. Supreme Court and federal judicial system.

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