Monday, June 5, 2017

Tampa Bay Beware Of Fake Progressives

It seems this blog has pissed a few people off. We have been banned from several Facebook groups in the bay area. We will continue to post our content in groups that still allow free speech or you will always be able to visit us here.
This blog is not suitable for GOP, Liberal Elitists or 
Corporate Democrats. If you made it this far please leave. 
You probably won't like what you see!
"There's nothing in the middle of the road but 
a yellow stripe and dead armadillos." 
Jim Hightower


Anonymous said...

Well said Stogie. Very few non-corporate Dems anymore, I am going GREEN!


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Elitists group, is that the one where they canvass in their
valentino shoes?

Leon Stark said...

The CURRENT, as of now, and for the past forty or fifty years, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has forgotten the meaning of their name, from its Greek roots. "Demo(s)-" = "PEOPLE", as in "Demo-Graphic", the picture or assessment of a population. "-(k)-c-ratia" ("k", from the Greek Letter, "c", from the Anglicized spelling)= "POWER", or "RULE" often from its context, or ending variation. "PEOPLE POWER/RULE".

This does not mean that the leadership hides itself in its back-room, on the olden-days, "smoke-filled" (What was IN that smoke might be questioned!)room, to make critical decisions and deals about who the "acceptable candidate" was, and how to get them into the designated office. Mme. (Note the use of that appellation)Clinton was "ANOINTED" by the "back-room caucus" back in 2008, but Senator Barack Obama was so much "THE PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE" that the DNC had to pull on their "man-pants" and get to work. They were not going to let anything, and I mean ANYTHING, get in their way of having "THEIR ANOINTED" foist upon us. Senator Sanders was to them a distraction, but he was also energizing an electorate that had gotten bored with "THE ESTABLISHMENT" and their "NEO-LIBERAL" (Corporate directed) TALKING POINTS (which we had heard enough of from the "Depublicans" and the "TEA-publi-crats"). We wanted something INDEPENDENT, talking truth to power, and were, by finagling the debate schedule, by (with State Republican Party acquiescence and assistance)Primary "rigging", and by "blackmailing" the up-for-election "SUPER-DELEGATES" into losing their funding if they supported anyone but "THE ANOINTED". Support someone else and the (not-so)"DEMOCRATIC" Party would leave you in the dust to fend for yourselves. So, they rigged the Primary (with much external help, but that was all "impartial")and got what they wanted, a highly qualified candidate hauling a road-train of issues, (pseudo)scandals, missteps, up-front blunders, and one whole trailer-load itself of QUESTIONS!!! All when they could have had someone with a lot of background, not a lot of visible history, and a track-record of having been on the progressive side of history, energizing the electorate, and bringing a load of NEW IDEAS into the mix. He even influenced the Party Platform, but that is just "talking-points" until they have to descend the platform and do their jobs.

We had seen in 2010 and 2014 all these tricks here in Florida, with two Gubernatorial Elections, leaving us with a criminal whose dealings in Medicare/Medicaid fraud were 75 calls on the "FIFTH AMENDMENT", and a whole lot of forgetting, ELECTED as our Governor. As much because of lack of support for the Democratic Candidate, or selecting a former(not so conservative Republican) Governor (meh)as "THEIR ANOINTED", and no attention paid to the long-time, loyal, populist, former State Senate Chairperson, challenging "THE ANOINTED". Not even a SINGLE DEBATE, or only footnote coverage as an often snarky comment in the Media. And people wonder why we lost? 2010 and 2014 Florida Gubernatorial Elections were a dress-rehearsal for this almost deliberate loss in the Presidential Election Cycle!

Can we recover the Democratic Party? If we can nominate enough Independent Candidates, and break "THE ESTABLISHMENT" hold, put forth, if not "THE PEOPLE'S CANDIDATES", than reasonable alternatives to the anaerobic sludge we have been given by BOTH Parties.

If not, we will have to establish our own, GRASS-ROOTS LIBERAL &/or PROGRESSIVE PARTY to put them BOTH in their place!!! What do you think Lincoln's REPUBLICAN PARTY was?

Anonymous said...

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is headed for disaster, AGAIN! They never learn. All the hard work activists and volunteers put in is all for not. They will get their man/woman at the end no matter what the people want.

Anonymous said...

We are DOOMED, buy a boat, sail it away.

Rick Spisak said...

They've already selected another neoLIBERAL, unless the unWANTED EMPRESS OF UNELECTABILITY- splashes enough cash around to collect her fleet of sellout around her skirts again