Monday, June 5, 2017

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Sells Out Democrats

Crosses party lines to help Florida GOP Shawn Harrison’s bid for re-election. here
“I support people who support the City of Tampa and our legislative issues,” 
Bob Buckhorn
"Julio Rodriguez, you were right about this sellout all along." Christopher Cano
Another Florida DINO Janet Cruz has no problem with Buckhorn backing Harrison
Democratic Executive Committee Chair 
Ione Townsend must be living in 
La La Land.
“I’m disappointed because the mayor claims he’s a good Democrat.”
Ms. Townsend you must be hooked on Fake News, read more about your good Democrat
Read what his surrogates are saying on Facebook

1 comment:

Leon Stark said...

If Bob Buckhorn is supporting Pam Bondi, then he has ceased to represent REAL DEMOCRACY. Supporting his friend, Shawn Harrison may be appropriate for supporting a friend, but adding that to Bondi, and any Democratic "cred" Buckhorn may have had just gone down tube.