Friday, June 2, 2017

The Stogie Banned By "Friends Of The Hillsborough River"

It seems Mayor Bob's suragate doesn't like our art work.
"Okay admins...two posts now attacking my good friend Bob Buckhorn. Garbage publication. No comments connecting to the river. No mention of all the good things he's done in his career. No mention of all his civic and community work, like when he and I brought Big Brothers/Sisters to Tampa many years ago. So what's the deal; this garbage is okay here or what?" Bill Lougheed
"We have already asked Julio Rodriguez to take down this art that we all find inappropriate, and are eliminating his privileges to post on this page. So no, however well intentioned it may be that type of post is not appropriate for this page and his choice of art is not appropriate in any location."  
Phil Compton
Ybor City Stogie
Garbage since 2003!


sglee said...

Excuse me, but are Bill Lougheed and Phil Compton actually suggesting censorship and shredding the First Amendment right to free speech?

"Inappropriate" is nowhere near enough actually to remove our right to free speech. Have you fallen for the heinous spell the current alleged administration in D.C. has caste that says that ONLY his and his minions' speech is allowed, that only THEIR speech is free, and everyone else can be slaughtered for theirs--or at least censored?

I am being absolutely serious here. Feel FREE to talk with someone if you believe his/her speech is "inappropriate," but PLEASE read the Bill of Rights before you, too, fall under the fascist spell of the horrors coming from Washington!

Stogie said...

Thank you, well said!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are these people telling you what is inappropriate on your blog??

Leon Stark said...

I am not commenting on any single person, but we have seen how well "ESTABLISHMENT" Democrats as candidates have done against even the WORST Republicans. We have seen this in Florida, with good candidates getting squat for support, because they are NOT "ESTABLISHMENT" candidates, and where the Party "ANOINT"s a candidate, with "NAME RECOGNITION", but not all that much else, while there is a REAL, LOYAL, POPULIST Candidate on the ballot. The Party never allowed a SINGLE DEBATE, and never even mentioned on the Mainstream Media that there WAS a Primary. We had a Former (not so Conservative (REPUBLICAN) Governor (meh) masquerading as a DEMOCRAT, versus a CRIMINAL masquerading as a Conservative Republican. With that, and all the "BIG GUNS" brought out for the "ANOINTED DEMOCRAT", we got ... the criminal. And his environmental policies are going to take decades to clear up, and money that the Florida Economy doesn't have.

So, watch out for the Democratic Party "ANOINTING" a candidate, and ignoring a candidate who is "THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE", or at least a fair alternative to the slime mold that the Republicans have been running as of late.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Phil Compton to tell you what is Inappropriate on your blog?

jimmy dunson said...

Folks can certainly control whats on their pages, but they are missing out on a kind, committed, wonderful human being and a valuable service in ybor city stogie by acting like this. Thanks Ybor City Stogie for all you do to document and uplift the community in Tampa.

Stogie said...

Thank you Jimmy!