Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"Much Ado About Nothing" In Tampa

"It saddens us that so much of our precious time, energy and meager resources are being squandered by some of us. We should all know that doing this is exactly what our capitalist rulers want us to do. They want us to spend all our time on distractions and divergent issues not fight-back. Frivolous engagement, we must say, is being practiced perfectly by some here in Tampa.

This involvement in phony causes by some of our folks couldn't benefit the capitalist class more if they had paid them to get involved in the these causes. Because of the diversion of  some of our key people, we are not able to deal with the real problems of the rapid polarization, in every respect, of our society. It is not just income and wealth inequality that are worsening but all the other bad things issuing only from capitalism and benefitting exclusively the ruling class, such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia and xenophobia to name some of the most salient, are worsening also.

Unfortunately, some of us are responding to the greatly increased suffering of our sisters and brothers in wholly inappropriate ways. The best example here is some of us demanding of the County Commission that a much ignored and deteriorating statue downtown be destroyed or at least relocated. Firstly, surprisingly and significantly, the statue is not one honoring General Lee, General Beauregard or some other Confederate military leader but  rather a memorial to the futility and inhumanity of war. Secondly, because it is "defeatist" in nature it is also anti-insurgent and anti-secessionist. 

However, we are not disheartened. We will maintain our optimism and positive attitudes, as we always have, knowing that reason will ultimately triumph." 

"For a Mass Socialist Party of the Working Class"

Dave Maynard
Seat 1, Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board (reelected, longest serving member)
Revolutionary Socialist

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