Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Solar City of South Miami

South Miami 4th City In the country that will now mandate solar power be  installed in newly built homes or those subject to material renovation. here
Developers and builders expressed ‘concern’ over the mandate adding costs to homes and that leading people to not be able to afford to buy from them. The good news is that that is not a very valid concern.
First, the local real estate market in South Miami (and South Florida) is robust. People love living here and are paying record prices for homes, homes often filled will all sorts of costly technology, kitchens or bathroom fixtures that you’ve never heard a builder suggest impacted their ability to build or sell a home. But they are somehow against solar and residents having free power from the sun?  FP&L’s concern over the proposed new law and my guess is that they will work hard to fight it and do almost anything to protect their business. You need only look at FP&L’s shameful attempt to mislead voters last year on Amendment 1 here in Florida, and in the process reportedly spent millions of dollars trying to deceive voters on before losing. The ordinance won final approval Tuesday on a 4-1 vote with Commissioner Josh Liebman voting no. (Pic)

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