Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Green Party Of Tampa's Council Has Failed Us

Less than five people attend the green party meetings. Ahmad Saadaldin is the hierarchy behind all of this. In order for the green party of Tampa to be a real party of revolution for the people. (not just the upper-class) we must change the council!! their failure to care for the community's in which I had to battle them to even attend marches! So if you really care about the green party of Tampa and you want to change this corrupt Council then let's do it! 

we must attend the next meetings in Mass! We will protest against their gross incompetence and downright neglect of the communities that need us the most. until the council members are removed from their office and real revolutionaries are voted in through consensus, not just placed in power.They must either resign peacefully. will you fight for a third party. 

I have given all I have to this group and the only thing I have received is resistance to the plate of homelessness and many other issues in which they show no regards. I will not give up!!!! Let's do what's right for the green party as a whole! . Please message me this cannot go any further. Your brother 

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