Thursday, January 11, 2018

The State Of Tampa Politics: Jason Rodriguez

Something's wrong with the left remember freedom of speech! what happened to discussion, what happened to being critical thinkers, what happened to civil discourse. we on the left have lost our way. We're going to keep on losing until we return to the values of being a leftist.

People are so quick to call others racist. I've been fighting for the rights of all minorities for years. I have never called someone a racist if I didn't believe it and there wasn't evidence of it. There is no intellectual Independence anymore. What being a leftist is about is empathy, it's about fighting for the people who need you to fight for them cuse they can't fight for themselves. We are living in critical times we were at the Edge,
now we have jumped off.

I found a lot of you have not been taught what it means to be a fighter for the poor the oppressed was The Unwanted. We must have a critical inventory of our tactics and the motives of those who seek to destroy Liberty within the left. which is the basic concept of liberalism. You should have the freedom to offend, I may not like what you say but I don't want to live in a the Society where people cannot challenge the majority of thought. Return to being humble to having honor to telling the truth, even if it harms you.

To never looking at the big picture and to always looking at the consequences of our actions.we must be able to be upright enough to stand up. If you are in total agreement with any one person or any group of people on everything, there is something wrong. Wake up!!!!! How can we call others fascist when we control the very nature of speech and language. return to fighting for the truth return! return! return! before it's too late.

I weep for the next generation your children of the millennials they will live in a disposable Society. proof by evidence of crime should be what convicts. not the accusation of criminality. Wake up men and women or whatever you are. We should never totally agree but we should be able to learn what compromise truly is. We should never compromise on fact what compromise I'm talking about is not a country divided but ideology but to have different people thinking differently working together at the same goal for liberty and justice for all.

So what were going to do today and tomorrow is that we are going to have what I call the great conversation, that the left must have with itself or kiss our asses goodbye.

Jason Rodriguez

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