Sunday, March 11, 2018

Local Bad Ass Kara Rose Leigh

"I'll begin selfishly: when I met Kara I was on my parent's path- addiction, arrogance, incarceration. I had no hope before I met her. She showed me a life I'd yet to see, pure love and revolutionary empathy. Since then, I've witnessed Kara spread that beauty throughout communities; overcoming her own anxieties and desires for the good
of the people.
I'll never truly know how to fully express my love for her, except to show her respect, admiration and work for revolution every day. The celebration of women is the celebration of liberation, we easily see cis men have imposed quite the opposite throughout history.
So I celebrate Kara, who I love deeply, as well as every woman and oppressed person, by acknowledging all as living realities of what a better world can be. Power to women and the oppressed is inextricably linked with power to all people. Those of us who identify as male must acknowledge this, bow down, and give ourselves to the socialist
feminist future."

Justin Gazmask

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