Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Florida Sundown Towns

Sundown towns were all-white municipalities or neighborhoods in the United States that practiced a form of segregation by enforcing restrictions excluding people of non-white races via some combination of discriminatory local laws, intimidation, and violence. The term came from signs posted that "colored people" had to leave town by sundown. Source 
Altha - Cedar Key - Coral Gables
Daytona Beach Shores - Del Ray Beach
Elfers - Flagler Beach - Gulfport
Holmes Beach - Longboat Key
Melbourne Beach - Miami Beach
Myakka City - Ocoee - Old Homosassa
Palm Beach - Samsula
Southport - St. Cloud
Venice - Winterhaven
White residents often reminded Blacks of the threat by bumping the backs of their cars while driving and flashing weapons at Blacks in town.
To combat this threat, Black travelers used a guide called "The Negro Motorist Green-Book" to determine safe places for Blacks to stop along their routes. more


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Try it now

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Miami, really? That's not possible

Unknown said...

That’s crazy! I’ve never heard of a Sundown Town

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Donnamamma36 said...

I just heard the term today, but not surprised at most of the towns. Florida is still very racist in some places. Miami Beach would surprise me, but I once went somewhere called the San Francisco Golf and Country Club where I was surprised to learn that in one of the most liberal city anywhere, ladies were not allowed on the greens except on Weds. And I am guessing that wasn't the only kind of exclusion...but hey it's not like systemic racism is a thing right?

SellingTheSecondAmendment said...

This is BS. Coral Gables has a lot of blacks, Cubans, and other people with money. The University of Miami is in Coral Gables.

Miami Beach has plenty of black residents, and Hip Hop Weekend brings a ton of blacks to the city. It's true that Miami Beach enforces the laws and tolerates no BS all year long, but that's because of Spring Break, we don't want Spring Breakers in South Beach, we prefer them to go to Panama City and wreck havoc there. South Beach prefers tourists with money, people who enjoy fine dining and shopping, not a bunch of college kids puking from the balcony.

The other cities I don't know. But I'll say this, if I have a home for sale and I like your offer, I'm selling to you. You could be Hitler, I don't care, I'll take your money.

Anonymous said...

That just goes to show how much you know about the history of your city. As close as the 1960's blacks, dogs, and, Jews were not allowed on Miami Beach. Hell the four white men who developed the city were all anti-semitic. Read a book or Google something please.