Friday, August 17, 2018

Bernie Sanders and Andrew Gillum in Tampa

Bernie Sanders

Andrew Gillum

His Family

Candy Lowe

Adnan Aida Mackic

Marina Welch

Melanie Lachs

Erin Aebel

Fight For 15

Joe Redner

Kofi Hunt

Andrew Joseph

Asher and Katie

Roy David Walker

Ed Turanchik and his son

Graham Shelor

Packed House
Armature Works - Tampa Heights
Thanks Bernie!


Anonymous said...
Vote Nikki.

Anonymous said...

David Walker is not a scientist. Look into his background.
-Where did he get 150K to give his campaign?
-He has not worked in years.
-What makes him a scientist? A degree from an online for profit college?
-Vote Nikki
-Why have 90% of all endorsements gone to Nikki? Oh that's the party knows walker is a fraud.