Friday, October 12, 2018

2020 with Asher

I have high hopes for Andrew Gillum, Sean Shaw, Debra Bellanti, and others who are running to bring sanity to our state politics. We desperately need decency and good politics in Tallahassee. We certainly need it in Downtown Tampa — high hopes for Mariella Smith, Kimberly Overman, Angela Birdsong, and Andrew Davis, too. Best of luck to all of the progressives running across our country who will be put to the test on November 6th.

That being said, we need to pay attention to the looming Presidential primary that will begin immediately afterward. While there is a Tampa municipal election headed our way, we should be prepared to discuss candidates for 2020. Being the political junkie that I am, I’ve already discussed potential candidates on my personal page. Here I will go slightly deeper into some of the options I am considering.

I care most about: Ending the War on Terror and reforming our foreign policy. Ending the War on Drugs and transforming our justice system to benefit marginalized communities. Support for our Constitution which should include protecting LGBT, our right to search and seizure, the right to bear arms with common sense gun control, & the general welfare — ADA, universal healthcare, a push toward eliminating student debt, better pay for civil servants, and environmental action. A plan of action to confront national security wherein we have mass shooters threatening our lives—with gun control, mental healthcare expansion, and undercover, trained Marshals to defend our schools. I might be laying out MY platform here, but that’s what I look for in candidates. I’m also leaving a lot out.

1. Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most popular choice for progressives and stands out due to a lifetime of public service. While his running would indubitably spark up tension from 2016, his demeanor and platform are right for this country. His “take no prisoners,” bold approach to politics would rival Trump’s knee jerk, hyper emotional populism well, and highlight the need for progressive change. Bernie has a pro working class platform, a strong stance on civil liberties, and an anti war attitude; he’d earn my support with ease. He is getting up there in age, along with his wife, Jane, and so might decide to pass the torch. I would support this and eagerly anticipate his endorsement.

2. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is an exceptional political figure from Hawaii. She is cool in the spotlight, has been bold in her support for the progressive movement, and has a fantastic platform. She supports Glass Steagall, environmental action, and is vehemently anti war. She served in the military which empowers her anti war stances, and has the temperament to be a star candidate. What she should do upon deciding to run for President is make her support for the LGBT community firm; her background with an anti gay, political father will be a thorn in her side, and she should publicly declare that she has indeed evolved and welcomes others from similar backgrounds to evolve on the issue as well. While doing this, Tulsi should make a definitive position defending the trans community in their current struggle for civil liberties. Past that, I would be honored to support Tulsi in a run for Commander in Chief.

3. Rep. Ro Khanna is not as well known. He is the Congressman from Silicon Valley in California in his first term. With less than two years on the Hill, Ro has already helped start caucuses, draft bills, make connections, and made so much of his short time in Congress. He, like Tulsi, is a progressive rockstar and should receive far more attention from our leftist community. He would have to work on his name recognition and, perhaps, spice up his public speaking. Check him out. I would love to support Ro if he decides to run, and so far as I can tell he hasn’t made such a statement.

4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has become a household name among progressives. Her firebrand advocacy for restraining Wall Street is legendary. Her defiance of the national tumor that is the MAGA movement is admirable. While some people doubt her charisma, I think she has it in strides, with the ability to win over NPAs with her progressive message. A seasoned politician with a knack for standing up to the powers that be, I would be excited to support Elizabeth Warrren. My concern is with her votes on the Defense bills. She would need to make a definitive stance against the War on Terror and apologize for, or, at least, acknowledge moving past her past votes on Defense legislation.

Who would you be excited to support? Let me know and please remain civil. I would want whoever runs to pick up a towel and wipe the slate clean from 2016. It’ll be tough, but someone needs the spinal fortitude to bring people together under a progressive candidate. That’s what Andrew Gillum is doing!

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