Friday, November 2, 2018

Strange Sighting At Gillum Rally In Tampa

"Noticed this strange sight at the Bernie for Gillum rally. Thought maybe Halloween decoration, but a black ghost? looked all around. No decorations just this. Asked a couple people, and got strange answers. Oh its just to cover a restroom sign so no one goes up there ... or its just a rolled up banner. I dunno... looks sketchy to me."
Bill Valliere

I funk'd up on that post the other day. 1st pic is one of them. I thought it was what it l👀ks like from this angle. Many agreed but some didn't and thought it was a "covered rest-room sign so folks wouldn't use them.. Removed post to do some further investigation. I called the University & talked to the Rec. director who said he didn't have a clue what I was talking about & that whatever it was had to've been done by the Dem Party who rented the gym for rally. I didnt know what to think then so I recruited a friend over that way to go undercover for me & take pics of what's there now. Those are the 2nd two pics from up on 2nd level, from the side. Still couldn't quite tell till I went back to look at 1st pics I took that day from the other side, on lower floor. Doh! There it is! It was an optical illusion from the front & easy to jump to that conclusion in the present racially charged political climate in Fl.... It's some kind of time clock tho, not a restroom sign. So there it is! My bad! My apologies to any one it may have upset & to any racists I may have offended. It wasn't them this time! Lesson learned.
😜 @ USF Campus Recreation

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