Friday, January 11, 2019

Tampa Fake Hepatitis A Scare

Hamburger Mary’s owner Kurt King accused Hillsborough County health officials of inciting a fake Hepatitis A scare and shared test results he says proves his worker never tested positive for the disease.
“I want to know why the health department did this to me.” 
“Over 400 people in the state of Florida have Hepatitis A,” said King. “Where do they all work at? Why weren’t they put on the news? Why weren't their restaurants and businesses destroyed like mine? That’s what 
I want to know.”
“I think they targeted us because we’re a gay restaurant, gay-owned, popular 
gay restaurant.” HERE
Dr. Douglas Holt, head of the Hillsborough County Health Department, insists the public has no right to know the names of those four restaurants with 
infected workers. HERE

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