Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Full House in Ybor City

Affordable Housing Forum 

Robert W. Saunders Library
Ybor City

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Raider said...

I enjoyed the idea behind the Affordable Housing Forum yesterday at the Robert Saunders Library where a very good crowd showed up to discuss ways to spend 5 million dollars on affordable housing. I want to thank those Hillsborough County Commissioners Patricia Kemp, Les Miller, Kimberly Overman, and Mariella Smith who were in attendance to listen to our opinions.
The idea of the forum was wonderful and what many in the community needed but the scripted poll questions failed in really identifying the real issues on affordable housing. While they did help those in attendance feel involved in the process, it failed in truly hosting a public forum.
The real question I wanted to ask those Commissioners in attendance is not how they plan to spend the 5 million dollars but how they plan to make any future development plans in Hillsborough County include affordable housing. In addition, when will they raise those developers fees to add to that 5 million dollars for housing for people who cannot buy homes that start at $200,000.