Friday, April 26, 2019

Stogie Election Watch!

Now that the Tampa municipal election is over, the 2020 elections loom in the near distance. Who will run for the various local races? We have School Board, County Commission, Clerk of the Ciruit Court, Supervisor of Elections, and state legislator races to consider, as well as candidates to mull (will they run, should they run?). Let’s take an initial peek!

For BOCC (County Commission) there will be three elections (same for School Board), and one of those is for District 3. The candidates who have filed thus far are Sky White, who came in second place during the Democratic primary for District 7 in 2018; and Gwen Myers, who has been in the race longer. I like both of these candidates to succeed Commissioner Les Miller, and will be canvassing this weekend with Team Sky in Progress Village!

Who else might jump in? I think it is highly possible that we will see outgoing City Councilor Frank Reddick enter the race at some point. Who else do YOU think or hope will jump in?

— Asher

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