Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Justice For Josiah Pinner

Dear Community and the world. 

Many of us have taken notice of the abuse of power in Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office in Tampa Florida U.S.A. While we have reached out to some lamestream media outlets asking for assistance to expose the corruption and cover-ups at HCSO we get little to no responses. This weighs on my heart as the people of this community are not being told the truth by the media or the shamefully corrupt sheriff's office. We will be reaching out to all copwatch,1st A.A.,and activist groups asking for assistance in spreading the truth as far and wide as we can.

It has also become clear that Tampa FL. has no true investigative journalist that will print with integrity and truth. We are hoping that any who can lend us a bit of assistance for this issue will reach out to us as the friends that we know we have. To see that the local Tampa community is mostly complacent to the propaganda and lies fed to them by the local news media and the corrupt Sheriff of Hillsborough county as well as the district attorney of 
Hillsborough county Florida.

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