Sunday, July 14, 2019

Kent Bailey: Sound of Silence

"I hear nothing about rounding up the employers of undocumented workers. I hear nothing about our responsibility for the lawlessness, guns and money that we export south. I hear nothing about stupid drug laws that have failed to solve the drug problem in spite of our massive, extremely expensive incarceration rates. Our drug policies have decimated two generations of urban youth, destroyed millions of families and shaken the very foundations of democracy thru-out the western hemisphere. 
At home, these policies have institutionalized powerful vested interests in the legal system, law enforcement and a self-perpetuating prison industrial system; who have grown wealthy and strong by exploiting the poor and weak. The origins and solution of the "border problem" are to be found in Washington DC, 
not Nogales, Mexico."
 Kent Bailey

If there was no money to be made from dealing illegal drugs to the United States, how long do you think the drug gangs that are terrorizing the people of South and Central America would last? If you lived in constant fear of murder, rape or mutilation by a local drug gang, what would you risk to escape? (to say nothing of those who have already experienced these horrific events) How can one condemn people who are fleeing these conditions, other than because it is politically expedient?

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