Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hillsborough School Board Elections?

Tampa friends —

What are you all going to do about your School Board? There are four elections coming up in 2020; all of which should be taken seriously.

In District 1, incumbent Steve Cona, a pro privatization politician, is running for re-election and should be defeated in order to heal the Board. Thus far, the only candidate who has filed to oppose him is college student Victoria Gudbranson, who has experience as a person with a disability (which is desperately needed on the Board). It is likely that former candidate Bill Person will file as well. Who else do you think should file for this seat? Who would you support?

In District 3, incumbent Cindy Stuart may file to run for re-election, while former Democratic Progressive Caucus President and substitute teacher Jessica Vaughn has already filed to run. Who else could jump in for this seat, and who would you support?

In District 5, incumbent Tammy Shamburger has not yet filed for re-election, and no other challenger has filed with the Supervisor of Elections. Possible candidates could include former candidate and teacher Robert Pechacek, and former candidate Jacqueline Leeks. Who would be an optimal candidate for this seat? Who do you think should serve the District?

In District 7, incumbent Lynn Gray has filed to run for re-election. Her only challenger thus far is Josephine Amato — I have no idea who this person is or why she decided to run. Who would make a good candidate for this race, and who would you like to support?

I would like to see spirited primaries for each of these seats, and some candidates defeat incumbents who have sided with privatization and FLGOP donors. Hillsborough County needs attention brought to ending the school to prison pipeline, student nutrition, disability equity, testing reform, and opposition to haywire privatization. Which issues do YOU believe need to be addressed for the upcoming School Board elections? Who is the candidate that will represent those issues? Please speak up and state WHY you feel candidate X or Y should serve on the School Board!

Stay groovy,


Anonymous said...

Yes lets wash our hands of Cindy Stuart!

Asher said...

Who do you think should serve instead of her?

Anonymous said...

Tammy Shamburger needs to fucking go!!!!!! Let's not forget how that bitch attacked a teacher. She is fake ass Progressive that runs around with anyone she thinks will give her a leg up.

Tammy Shamburger is no friend of teachers. She is AWFUL!

Asher said...

So who is the alternative? Also, please, no need to use such language, especially when anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Vaughn

Anonymous said...

Bill Person

Unknown said...

Josephine Amato has worked tirelessly to improve student safety to and from schools and has been an outspoken advocate for students with mental health issues. She will be a very strong candidate and would definitely be my choice if I lived in district 7.