Friday, February 14, 2020

Rick Scott Introduces Amendment To ST@P Future Impeachment Of Donald Trump Accomplices


Anonymous said...

He knows they will be coming after him.

Make America Sane Again said...

Coming from the despicable Mr Scott,who embezzeled millions from Medicare when he was formerly the CEO of a huge Medical Company. This would open the door to massive corruption from the Republican Party whose administration has managed to free Donald Trump from his impeachment trial by refusing to allow numerous witnesses or documents to be presented, a party whose corruption knows no bounds. This is a coup de' tat by the Rebublican Party and Donald Trump, and unless we get them out of office, they will surely destroy our country. We have already seen the damage that has wrought our environment from his refusal to acknowledge Climate Change, immigrant children torn away from their parents who only came here seeking asylum from their country. We need to stand up against this horrible administration now!