Sunday, March 22, 2020

Nina Tatlock's Letter To Dems

Yesterday I called and sent email to our Democratic Party leadership. I thought I would share what I wrote in case any of you might like to call and email also.
This is what I just Emailed to Chuck Schumer (also called Speaker Pelosi.

Dear Senator Schumer,
I would like to request that leadership of the Democratic Party please put Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Progressive Caucus in charge of the response to this corona virus pandemic. We need the full throttle of bold initiatives being put forward at this time. This is a time to ask for the most that our Federal Government can give toward the Constitutionally called for General welfare. This is a time to have a government that works for the people who are not corporations.


Nina Tatlock
Democratic Precinct Captain in Florida
President, Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay