Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Florida White Nationalist Augustus sol Invictus​ Arrested

Invictus was arrested earlier this year on charges of kidnapping, “high and aggravated” domestic violence​, and possess​ion of a firearm ​while committing a violent crime after he allegedly choked his wife​, held a gun to her head​,​ and forced her to accompany him to Florida with him. ​According to The Informant, a South Carolina judge ​threw out the kidnapping charge and allowed Invictus to leave jail with a $10,000 bond despite Invictus’ wife begging that he stay behind bars for her and her children​’s safety. The judge’s order required Invictus to not contact his wife.
Invictus was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office after violating both the no-contact condition for his release and a protection order forbidding Augustus from contact​ing his wife until February 2021, according to an affidavit for​ an arrest warrant provided to 
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