Friday, October 30, 2020

How are you voting?

Fellow Stogie readers,

If you plan to vote by mail, make sure you know what rules your state and local area have set, because you do not want your ballot to go uncounted!

It might be wise to bring your mail in ballot to an approved polling place—you can find this out by visiting the website for your Secretary of State (for which ever state you live in) or Supervisor of Elections (for which ever county you live in). With hope, these websites will be easy to finagle through, and perhaps there will be a phone number listed somewhere accessible.

For Hillsborough County, Florida, here is a helpful link.

For the State of Vermont, here is a helpful link.

If you vote at the polls, early or on Election Day, please be sure to wear a mask, bring water and food if you think the line to vote will be long, and practice whatever social distancing that you can within reason.

Whatever you decide to do, please vote! I encourage you all to vote for the Democratic Party ticket and for progressive non partisan candidates. Thank you. Please be safe out there when you vote.

From the Heart,


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