Friday, November 20, 2015

Florida DINOS Gwen Graham And Patrick Murphy Chose Fear Over Humanity

Gwen Graham, Patrick Murphy only two Florida Dems to vote for Syrian refugee crackdown. here

"Fear-mongering, hateful and an embarrassment to the Democratic Party." Susan Smith

"Patrick Murphy chose fear over humanity when he voted in favor of a Republican bill that will make it nearly impossible for Syrian refugees fleeing terrorism in their homeland to come to the United States.
We’re not sure whether it was Patrick Murphy’s fear of orphans and widows with brown skin that caused him to vote for this atrocious bill, or if it was his fear of going against the Republican Party. But, either way, he chose fear over humanity. Hate, over love. He has proven once again that he doesn’t have the courage to do what is right when times are hard. And we can’t have another person like that in the US Senate." 

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